A holistic approach for optimal outcomes.

Developed leveraging decades of experience, our Performance Enhancement process helps align goals, teams, and dealer processes to optimize F&I for dealers.

Expertly developed learning and coaching support will build confident, engaged sales professionals who deliver exceptional, consistent consumer experiences. Meanwhile, our proprietary tools preemptively identify opportunities and mitigate obstacles.

Learn & develop.

We offer a variety of modern learning opportunities to maximize knowledge, retention, and engagement.

Align & support.

We create alignment with sales teams on business goals and strategies through our proprietary data-driven Market Planning tool and provide one-on-one coaching support.

Measure & analyze.

We monitor leading indicators to measure fluctuations in performance and effectiveness by product, analyzing findings and developing a plan to enhance sales activities.

Unlock the power of Distinction.

Distinction is a specialty Performance Enhancement Program designed for high-performing dealers looking to unlock even greater potential, and dealer groups aspiring to level-up under performing dealerships or create scalability across multiple brands.

The program codifies the best practices of top performing LGM dealers nationwide, and packages them into a data-driven, customer-centric series of tools, technologies, processes, people practices and metrics that can be applied and measured.