Delivering a premium consumer experience.

Our unique advantage is in delivering a premium consumer experience by staying focused on these core competencies:

Service Excellence

Providing market-leading service for consumers and dealers.

Comprehensive Products

Enhancing loyalty and profitability through product design and satisfaction.

Innovative Technology

Creating seamless, personalized digital experiences for consumers.

Expert Training & Consultation

Improving retention by elevating the consumer experience.

Responsible Mobility

We do what is right for consumers, partners, and our communities.

Performance Driven

We are committed to driving growth and results.

Service that sets the standard.

We are market leaders in service support resulting from our investment in technology and training, the implementation of robust processes, and keeping the consumer central to all our service initiatives.

The foundation of our success is built upon four strategies:

  • Leveraging technology to accelerate service delivery and improve accessibility
  • Using artificial intelligence to deliver real-time, 24/7 claims reimbursement
  • Providing dealerships with responsive, in-person sales and account management support with extensive F&I experience
  • Relentlessly pursuing service excellence by measuring and monitoring service level agreements (SLAs), ensuring we continue to meet the highest standards
Service that sets the standard


stars on Google based on 363 consumer reviews*



of dealers said we met or exceeded their expectations for claims support



of dealers said we met or exceeded their expectations for sales support

*As of September 2022 Google review score.

Products that drive loyalty & satisfaction.

Our product strategy has always been to develop products that have industry-leading coverage and drive consumer loyalty.

We offer a complete range of comprehensive products that provide dealers with the convenience of a one-stop shop and peace-of-mind in knowing they are offering customers products of the highest quality.

Products that drive loyalty & satisfaction

Technology for the future of automotive.

Today’s consumers, dealers and sales staff expect seamless online processes. Our proprietary technology enables dealers to adapt to modern expectations.
Personalized & Transparent

Integrated technology to deliver a more personalized, transparent experience to consumers online.


Helping sales teams perform at their best through intuitive point-of-sale solutions and performance monitoring.

Real-Time Efficiencies

Increasing efficiencies for service staff through real-time claims submissions and service processing technologies.

Learning designed for the modern world.

We offer flexible performance training to help teams develop the skills and confidence to deliver an exceptional consumer experience. Our team of educators offer in-person and virtual on-demand, roundtable and webinar events covering:

  • Foundational sales, product, and soft-skills training
  • Timely programs to help Business Managers evolve with the ever-changing digital landscape
  • Advanced training to foster a growth mindset and develop and retain top talent
Learning designed for the modern world

Performance enhancement rooted in results.

Distinction, our performance management program, is specially designed for elite Canadian automotive dealers and dealer groups.

Distinction incorporates the best practices of the top-performing dealers nationwide – across the entire LGM dealer network. We have taken these best practices and packaged them into a series of tools, technologies, processes, people practices, and metrics that can be applied and measured. This ensures that every Distinction dealer can achieve their highest potential.

Performance enhancement rooted in results

Driven by purpose.

We are a social purpose company. Our purpose is embedded in how we operate our business, the decisions we make each day, the talent we attract, and who we choose to do business with.

It’s our North Star that guides us towards fair and transparent practices, greener, more accessible mobility, and a more sustainable future for people and the planet. And everyone at LGM has a role to play.

Driven by purpose