A simple solution for complex problems.

Distinction is a performance enhancement program designed specifically for dealer groups and top-performing dealerships.

Developed leveraging data, domain expertise, and best practices gathered over decades, the program provides dealers the strategies, tools, and processes they need to overcome the challenges preventing them from unlocking their full F&I performance potential.


Improve customer experience in retail operations through training and coaching best practices.

Fit & Engagement

Develop a methodology for improved hiring and retention.

Tools & Technology

Identify and implement the right tools to increase operational efficiencies.

Motivation and Leadership

Develop a framework and best practices to help keep sales teams motivated and performing at their best.

Dealers that have participated in the Distinction Program have a significantly higher Product Per VIN (PPV) than those who have not.

Working together.

We work to uncover opportunities, successfully execute performance enhancement strategies, and provide ongoing support to drive performance over the long term.

Our Distinction onboarding process

Conduct an initial LGM Sales Effectiveness Consultation to determine program fit.
Complete a detailed Financial Services Analysis to identify demographic and purchasing trends.
Identify opportunities and underlying priorities to support growth strategies and better service customers. 
Align cross-functional leadership groups on strategies to drive FSO profitability.
Provide ongoing consultative support.

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This premium consultative service is available to qualified Canadian dealerships and dealer groups. Contact us to learn more.