Our purpose: accelerating
responsible mobility for all.

Our industry is evolving. Auto manufacturers are becoming mobility service providers focused on creating a broader and better consumer experience, and LGM is at the forefront.

By remaining focused on our purpose, we positively impact the environment, communities, and customers we support.

Over the past several years, LGM has worked hard to further our Social Purpose and contribute to positive change. Here are a few of the accomplishments we are proud of:


We hope our work brings about a consumer automotive experience that is technology-enhanced, transparent, fair, and sustainable.

Drew Collier 

 President & CEO

We do what is right for consumers, partners and communities.

Environment: driving change.

We are environmental change agents. 

The automotive industry is racing towards a more sustainable future – and in step with OEM and dealer partners, we are working on a path to get there. With a focus on reducing our carbon footprint and engaging in projects and products that move us towards a more sustainable and socially responsible society, we can deliver positive outcomes for all.

Community: giving back.

We are people united by philanthropy.

We invest in our communities and come together as an organization by giving back. In addition to our corporate donation program, our Giving Back policy entitles each LGM employee to four paid days off to volunteer in their community, donating their time to support organizations that matter to them.

Since 2017, our employees have given back over 28,100 hours to organizations across the country.

Customers: responsible mobility.

We have a fundamental belief in doing what is right.

Customers value companies that make a positive social and environmental impact. So do we. Responsible mobility is embedded in our governance, transparency, and products. We are proud to offer consumers and our partners the most comprehensive products and services that never compromise quality or make environmental trade-offs.