Specialized on-demand education.

LGM Academy, our online learning platform, offers an on-demand learning experience packed with highly specialized knowledge to help dealers efficiently and effectively develop their business office teams.

Develop new team members with foundational product knowledge, constative sales training, people skills, and responsible mobility. Or retain and grow top performers with advanced learning opportunities from the world’s top thinkers and doers.

  • On-demand learning that’s available 24/7 from anywhere

  • Highly interactive courses to keep learners engaged and test their knowledge

  • Micro-learning modules to improve knowledge retention and accommodate busy schedules

Build confidence.

Foundational sales, product and people-skills training.

Keep pace with change.

Timely programs to help dealers evolve with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Personalized support.

Personalized coaching and custom learning plans to help fill knowledge gaps and fine-tune specific skills.

Courses we offer.

Selling with impact

A compilation of courses designed to develop effective sales teams in ever-changing times. This selection of courses features everything needed to ensure an exceptional consumer experience across a variety of channels and personas.

Course List
  • The Financial Service Office in a Virtual World
  • Digital Retailing
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Consultative Selling
  • Menu Selling
  • Responsible Mobility
  • The Science & Practice of Resiliency
  • Understanding Credit & Customer Impact

Growth mindset

Drive motivation and produce results by cultivating a growth mindset. This evolving course offering features short, thought-provoking videos from the world’s brightest minds.

Course List
  • Achieve Success in Your Career
  • Become an Expert Negotiator
  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Building Strong Relationships
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Health and Well-being
  • Life-long Learning
  • Mastering Communication
  • Selling with Insight
  • Supercharge your Digital Savviness
  • The Art of Persuasion

Product knowledge

Build confidence through product expertise. These courses are aimed at helping sales teams establish a high-level and detailed view of the specific features and benefits of each product sold.

Women’s corner

Traditionally, women represent a below-average percentage of the automotive workforce. This selection of courses is designed to help attract and retain a more diverse sales team.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I enroll in online courses or upcoming workshops?

If you’re a partner, log into the HUB and click on LGM Academy for complete access to the learning platform. If you’re not a partner, please fill out the form below to request a demo.

How much does learning cost?

Learning is offered as a complimentary service, as part of our partnership with dealers.

Can I see a demo of LGM Academy?

Please complete the form below to request a demo.

How often do you update your suite of courses?

We continuously evolve our course content in alignment with the ever-changing marketplace and technology.

Do you offer in-dealership learning and development?

Yes. Our highly knowledgeable Dealer Development Managers offer personalized support and coaching. They will evaluate learning progress, help fine-tune specific skill sets, and provide suggestions for beneficial coursework.

Do you offer custom programs?

Yes. Your dedicated Dealer Development Manager (DDM) can build a customized Learning Plan based on the needs of your dealership.

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