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Our product strategy has always been to develop custom products with industry-leading coverage to enhance consumer loyalty.

We offer a complete range of comprehensive products that provide dealers with the convenience of a one-stop shop, and peace-of-mind in knowing they are offering customers products of the highest quality.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

With this extended warranty program, consumers protect their wallets from unexpected mechanical repairs.

Even the most well-engineered vehicles require repair. Mechanical Breakdown Protection covers many costly vehicle components that can potentially fail over time.

Here is how Mechanical Breakdown Protection provides peace of mind:

  • Extended protection and additional benefits after Factory Warranty expires.
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles are also covered.
  • Repairs performed by Certified Technicians using authorized parts.
  • Rental car coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance included.
  • May be included in vehicle financing.

Prepaid Maintenance

With flexible service options, this service plan secures the cost of maintenance down the road at today’s price.

Prepaid maintenance lets consumers choose how many service intervals they want and offers the flexibility to use them as slowly or as quickly as they need. Prepaid maintenance is designed to be tailored to consumers’ maintenance requirements – from oil changes to tire rotations.

Here is how Prepaid Maintenance keeps every vehicle’s performance intact:

  • Vehicle is properly maintained as per regular maintenance requirements.
  • Customizable levels of service from must-haves to comprehensive.
  • Serviced by certified technicians using genuine parts.

Appearance Protection

This protection plan keeps vehicles looking as good as new.

Appearance Protection protects a vehicle’s interior and exterior, keeping it looking its best with a plan tailored to each driver’s needs and budget. From door dings in the parking lot to windshield chips and coffee spills – consumers can feel confident knowing they are covered.

Here is how Appearance Protection keeps vehicles looking their best:

  • Repairs performed by certified technicians using genuine parts.
  • 24/7 towing, lockout service and flat-tire assistance included.
  • Coverage for up to the vehicle’s value.
  • May be included in vehicle financing.

Excess Wear & Use Waiver

Helps avoid a large bill in the event of excessive wear and tear on the return of a leased vehicle.

Returning a vehicle at lease-end can be costly if excessive wear is found. An Excess Wear and Use Waiver protects consumers from a large bill, waiving costs for qualifying damages such as cracked paint, exterior scratches or stained carpets.

Here is how Excess Wear and Use simplifies the lease-end process:

  • Waives costs for excessive damages up to $7,500.
  • Cost for missing or broken key fob is waived up to $400.
  • Excess kilometers charges covered up to $1,000.

Loan Protection

Protects consumers from the financial obligations associated with an unforeseen life event.

When life takes an unexpected turn, Loan Protection brings financial relief. Loan payments are taken care of in case of disability or loss of employment, while the outstanding balance of the loan is paid in the event of critical illness or death so loved ones do not inherit the financial burden.

Here is how Loan Protection offers financial peace of mind:

  • Loan payments covered for up to 6 months in case of disability or loss of employment.
  • Possibility to pick and choose the right coverage or to benefit from them all.
  • May be included in vehicle financing.

Loan Protection is underwritten by Co-operators Life Insurance Company and administered by LGM Group Insurance Administrative Services Inc., an affiliate of LGM Financial Services Inc.*

*Supporting services, such as enrolment intake, medical underwriting, and claims administration, are provided by the employees of CUMIS Services Incorporated, a subsidiary of Co-operators Life Insurance Company. To contact Co-operators Life Insurance Company, call 1.855.587.8595 or visit

Debt Waiver

Removes financial burden in the event of a total loss by covering the difference between what the primary car’s insurer considers fair market value and the balance of the loan.

When hit by a total loss, often the value of the car is less than the balance of the loan, leaving consumers to make payments on a vehicle they no longer have. Debt waiver allows consumers to easily replace their vehicle by waiving some or all of the remaining financial obligation in the case of a total loss or substantial recorded damage.

Here is how Debt Waiver protects consumers:

  • In the event of write-off (collision, fire, theft), the resulting negative balance between the vehicle value payout and the financial obligation is waived.
  • In the event of a declarable accident, a defined amount of financial obligation is waived depending on the original financing amount.

Vehicle Loss Privilege Program

Reduces customers’ financial burden from losing their vehicle by providing in-store credit.

Total and partial loss can bring a significant financial burden to consumers. With the Vehicle Loss Privilege Program, consumers benefit from an in-store dealer credit allowing them to reduce the cost of a replacement vehicle.

Here is how Vehicle Loss Privilege Program reduces financial burden:

  • Benefits available in the event of collision, theft and fire, as well as partial loss.
  • Negative equity privilege provides an in-store credit for an amount up to the deficit between the insurer payout and the remaining loan balance.
  • Total loss and Theft Event privilege provide an in-store credit of up to $10,000. Partial Loss provides an in-store credit of up to $5,000.

Anti-Theft Protection

Increases the odds of vehicle recovery or provides a benefit to compensate for loss.

Anti-Theft Protection theft less attractive by combining a clearly visible warning label with permanent, pre-registered numbers embedded on body panels throughout the vehicle. The pre-registered number adds every protected vehicle to a national database to improve its traceability.

How Anti-Theft Protection protects consumers from vehicle theft:

  • Deter potential thieves thanks to police traceable window decals indicating the presence of pre-registered numbers.
  • If the vehicle is stolen, chances of recovery are increased thanks to pre-registered numbers.
  • If the vehicle is not recovered, consumers benefit from a discount of up to $5,000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle.

Replacement Insurance

Replacement Insurance provides consumers with a replacement vehicle if they experience a total loss, shielding them from potential inflation and depreciation.

With Replacement Insurance, consumers can replace their lost vehicle with a new vehicle of their choice. Replacement Insurance is designed to save consumers the cost of depreciation of their old vehicle as well as price increases due to inflation.

Here is how Replacement Insurance ensures consumers always have a ride:

  • Covers a loss in vehicle value due to damage, theft, or total loss.
  • Covers the difference between the amount paid by the primary insurer and the cost of a new vehicle with the same specifications and accessories.
  • New, original parts are used for repairable vehicles.

Certified Pre-Owned

Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle brings consumers confidence in knowing they will find the quality they are looking for.

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet safety and operating standards giving consumers confidence in their choice.

How Certified Pre-Owned guarantees quality for consumers:

  • Inspection includes up to 149 points.
  • CARFAX vehicle history report is provided.
  • Possibility to purchase a dedicated Mechanical Breakdown Protection plan for additional benefits including roadside assistance.

Enhance any product suite.

SecureDrive is our private label offering that provides dealerships the opportunity to offer products of the highest quality. Whether a dealership is looking to complete an existing product offering with complimentary SecureDrive products or utilize them to protect off-make inventory, they can feel confident in knowing their consumers are protected.

Visit for more information, or contact a sales representative to learn more about offering SecureDrive at your dealership.

Products that make our partners proud.

We recognize brand loyalty is an important piece of the long-term success for our OEM partners.

LGM is trusted to represent protection products for more OEM brands in Canada than any other provider. We offer high-quality products and a seamless end-to-end custom-branded solution, ensuring brand integrity is preserved at every consumer touchpoint. This thoughtful approach results in a consumer experience our partners are proud of.