LGM Rebrands AutoArm & AssureCredit Under SecureDrive Suite

February 1, 2012

Oakville, Ontario, Canada, February 1, 2012 – Effective immediately, AutoArm Anti-Theft Protection and AssureCredit Loan Protection will be rebranded as SecureDrive Anti-Theft Protection and SecureDrive Loan Protection respectively. This strategic renaming convention, aligned with SecureDrive Mechanical Breakdown Protection, completes the SecureDrive suite of Business Office products.

“LGM has always offered a full product range to Canadian automotive dealers under three distinct brands” said Jeff Fallowfield, President of LGM.  “This brand consolidation exercise is to help consumers and dealers alike understand these existing programs are from one unified provider.  This simplifies dealer systems while making it easier for LGM to promote ourselves as a one-stop solution for Business Office sales performance.”

In addition to the brand consolidation, both Mechanical Breakdown Protection and Loan Protection have undergone significant improvements to the product and pricing structure.  “We have listened very carefully to the market to make necessary improvements in 2012” said JP Violot, Marketing Manager for LGM.  “Our focus this year is to offer flexibility in the warranty and assurance programs while adding value to both consumers and dealerships in our revised pricing structure.  We have the right products and relentless support from our underwriters to deliver competitive solutions to the automotive market”.

All customers with AutoArm and AssureCredit contracts will be covered under the new program.  Previous product-specific websites will be redirected to www.securedrive.ca.