LGM Financial Services Inc. Launches Innovative AI-Generated Bite-sized and Role-Play Training Videos for Enhanced Learning Experiences

July 11, 2024
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Vancouver, BCLGM Financial Services Inc. (LGM) proudly announces the launch of their innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bite-sized video and role-play training. These new online tools help learners achieve continuous practical learning and allow LGM to efficiently generate effective content that is easily consumed and understood. Both training methods are designed to be applicable and convenient, addressing the evolving needs of learners and organizations alike. 

Over the last several years the education and training landscape has evolved tremendously. Rather than relying solely on traditional in-person training, learners can also benefit from more frequent and convenient online methods. Utilizing the power of advanced AI algorithms, LGM’s bite-sized training videos streamline content for on-the-go learning, allowing users to quickly absorb new knowledge. Bite-sized videos help learners engage and quickly grasp concepts. Since the initial launch, LGM has seen a 63% recurring learner rate for these specific types of training videos, which can be credited to the gratifying nature of the bite-size videos. 

Additionally, AI role-play allows participants to learn a behavior and then immediately watch it modelled, ensuring a deeper and more practical understanding through realistic workplace simulations. These interactive scenarios immerse learners with dynamic, real-world experiences by replicating authentic interactions. This approach accelerates the learning process and ensures higher retention of skills and knowledge. 

“Role play is the ultimate confidence builder,” says Jessica Lo Basso, Director of Training and Development at LGM. “Our AI-generated role-play scenarios allow a safe environment for learners to better understand the knowledge obtained and become better able to apply newfound skills.” 

The efficiency that AI delivers extends beyond the learning experience itself. This technology has created internal departmental efficiencies, allowing for rapid generation of high-quality content, and better servicing dealer partners’ evolving needs by making programs more scalable and cost-effective. Learners now have more opportunities for continuous learning, keeping them engaged, well-prepared and ahead of the rapidly changing automotive space. 

“Not only has AI helped streamline content creation, but it has also had a significant impact on our ability to meet the evolving needs of our dealer partners, ensuring our programs remain ahead of the curve” says Lo Basso. 

LGM Financial Services Inc. is committed to new technologies to enhance our training solutions and support our dealership partners’ success. To learn more about LGM’s innovative training solutions and experience the difference that bite-sized and AI role play training can make in your dealership’s success, visit:  https://www.lgm.ca/learning-development/  


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