Workforce strategies for a post-COVID-19 recovery

June 11, 2020

LGM’s top priority during the global pandemic has been to protect your health and safety, and ensure that you have the tools, training, resources, and services required to thrive during this period. We recently came across several useful resources from Deloitte that we believe our dealer and OEM community can benefit from.

Deloitte goes above and beyond the immediate COVID-19 response and focuses on tools and strategies that are useful for accelerating recovery and examining what success looks like when we achieve a ‘new normal.’

We hope these resources can help you as you look towards the future beyond COVID-19.


Deloitte recently published a workbook called “Workforce strategies for post-COVID-19 recovery”, which aims to create a bridge between responding to COVID-19 and preparing to thrive in the new normal beyond it. The information detailed in the workbook lays out three key phases that “all resilient leaders must face during COVID-19″. They are as follows:

·  Respond: dealing with the present situation while managing continuity
·  Recover: learning and emerging stronger
·  Thrive: preparing for and shaping the ‘new normal’

While recent priorities have been focused on phase onerespond, we are now moving into phases two and three. As stated by Deloitte, “preparing to thrive requires focus, coordination, and understanding” – and requires an effective strategy with five critical actions:

·  Reflect by creating the time to consider what comes next, what has worked, and what was learned, and what may have been missed.
·  Recommit and reinforce commitment to well-being and purpose through a focus on physical, psychological, and financial concerns.
·  Re-engage by redeploying a workforce and maximizing their contribution and potential, while also ensuring they are prepared for a return to work.
·  Rethink business priorities and workplace balance for a ‘new normal’ and the evolving business needs associated with it.
·  Reboot by realigning HR and people operations priorities with the most pressing priorities within a business.

The workbook includes resources about how purpose, potential, and perspective play a role in the path to recovery, as well as considerations for a new way of working that embraces virtualization. There is also information regarding the cybersecurity needs of a workforce in recovery, and what companies can do to embrace safe digital opportunities for an increasingly digital market.


Deloitte offers up-to-date federal and provincial resources on the evolving financing and economic programs that have been made available in response to COVID-19.

They also provide a COVID Concierge tool, which is designed to help identify the support programs an organization may be eligible for, help organizations understand the potential impact of COVID-19, and elaborate on other tactics that might be useful for recovery.

For those interested in additional information regarding workplace strategy and COVID-19, these two articles are an insightful resource.

·  “The Future of Work”, examines how the work, the workforce, and the workplace are evolving.
·  “COVID-19 Economic cases: Scenarios for business leaders” explores the outlooks on the economy, society, and more – and how resilient leaders respond to the challenges of the pandemic.


LGM is committed to maintaining our business operations and ensuring that you continue to receive the highest quality service without disruption. For more information, resources, and FAQs, please visit our COVID-19 response page.