Unleash your inner superpowers with the Women’s Corner on LGM Academy!

January 5, 2022

Each year, there are increasingly more women playing prominent roles in the automotive industry. LGM is excited to find ways to help women in the automotive industry unleash their inner superpowers and perform at their maximum potential. As such, we are excited to introduce the Women’s Corner on LGM Academy, a designated learning environment created to address the unique circumstances that women can face in business.

Studies have found that women consistently underestimate their abilities and are unconsciously trained to avoid speaking up or taking risks. These video channel are centered on ‘Building Self-Confidence‘, ‘Becoming an Expert Negotiator‘, and ‘The Art of Persuasion‘, and are designed to help women overcome these insecurities, so they can achieve optimal performance. Powered by Big Think+, this video bundle is taught by renowned thinkers like Michelle Thaller – Astronomer and Assistant Director of Science Communication, NASA, Claire Shipman – Journalist and Co-author, The Confidence Code, and Chris Voss – Former Kidnapping Negotiator, FBI, and Author of Never Split the Difference.

Here’s a sneak-peek into what each video bundle will focus on:

Building Self-Confidence

  • A NASA astronomer’s guide to managing self-doubt
  • The true meaning of confidence, how to self-reflect on your journey with confidence, and how to build confidence from within
  • The importance of letting go of perfectionism

Becoming an Expert Negotiator

  • Negotiation techniques that persuade others
  • How to identify your negotiation style – and your counterpart’s
  • How to leverage language and linguistic cues

Art of Persuasion

  • The six (6) Univeral Principles of Influence
  • The difference between commanders and magnetizers of attention
  • How to use attunement to cover others’ interests

Ready to unleash your inner superpowers?

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