Treat yourself this holiday season to our complimentary Building Strong Relationships video bundle in LGM Academy

December 21, 2023

This holiday season, LGM Academy is excited to bring you the gift of self-development with our complimentary “Building Strong Relationships” online video bundle!

In this video bundle from Big Think+, enjoy inspiring one-on-one sessions with renowned thinkers, including Angie Mc Arthur– CEO and Co-Founder of CORE, Frankin Covey – Author of ‘Get Better’ and Michelle Tillis Lederman – Connection Instigator and Author, The Connector’s Advantage.

This inspiring video bundle will focus on:

  • An introduction to relational intelligence
  • Keeping relationships clean to avoid resentment
  • Clarifying motives to speed up difficult conversations
  • Listening to understand

Bonus: This entire video bundle can be completed in under 20 minutes!

Ready to treat yourself?

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