Embodying our Social Purpose: A year of driving positive change

December 27, 2023

At LGM, we are guided by our Social Purpose: to accelerate Responsible Mobility for all. This year, we celebrated many steps forward as an organization and are proud to share the ways we’re working each day to have a positive impact on our customers, partners, communities, and world.

To celebrate our accomplishments, here are just some of the ways that LGM embraced Social Purpose in 2023:

Collective impact: Giving back

From local school fundraisers to beach clean-ups to developing adaptive joysticks for gamers with disabilities, our employees never fail to find unique and impactful ways to contribute to their communities.

We are immensely proud of our employees who have gone above and beyond this year, donating over 2,200 hours to various initiatives across Canada.

UN Global Compact Network Canada: Steering towards accountability

Our commitment to Social Purpose took a significant leap earlier this year as we proudly joined the UN Global Compact Network Canada (UNGCN), an organization on a mission to help companies align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and take actions that advance societal goals.

With guidance from the UNGCN, we are gearing up to issue our first-ever Communication on Progress (COP) next year, an extensive report which provides a measurement and benchmark framework in an effort prioritize areas of improvement in accordance with the UNGCN’s principles.

Additionally, to improve sustainability knowledge across the company LGM employees will have access to and are encouraged to leverage the UN Global Compact Academy, a library of educational courses on social responsibility, advancing their knowledge and development in this area.

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International Women’s Day: Embracing equity

We are proud to be an organization that has 85% more employees that identify as female than the Canadian automotive industry average. LGM regularly recognizes women throughout the year, but also embraces International Women’s Day as a platform for education, empowerment, and support.

Our third annual Compassion Kit Drive for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre set a company record with 44 compassion kits filled with in-need items donated to in-need women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. LGM employees raised an additional $870, which the company matched to contribute a total of $1,840 to the benevolent organization.

Internally, our International Women’s Day Let’s Talk LGM event brought together women leaders from our organization to candidly share experiences, advice, and opinions supporting this year’s theme of #EmbraceEquity.

Mental Health Week: Breaking stigmas, fostering support

Mental health affects everyone, so for Mental Health Week this year we took proactive measures to break the stigma and support our employees by sharing resources in a way that was not just informative but also engaging.

From exploring the benefits of exercise on our mental wellbeing to discovering the serenity of gardening, each day throughout the week our employees consumed helpful reading materials and engaged in meaningful conversations about mental health to foster a supportive culture.

Hybrid work styles: Reducing our carbon footprint, increasing our connection

We also continued to maintain our hybrid work style and make thoughtful choices about work travel to benefit work life balance for employees and also reduce our carbon footprint. Despite less ‘face to face’ time as compared to years pre-pandemic, the firm managed to maintain regular well-attended and highly engaging team building activities both online and in-person.

Road ahead: Accelerating into the future

As we approach a new year, our commitment to our Social Purpose remains steadfast. The work we are doing on our impending COP through the UN Global Compact Network Canada will provide us with an exciting roadmap for even greater strides in sustainability for 2024.

Together, we move toward a future where Responsible Mobility is not just a vision but a reality that we actively shape.