The next generation of Financial Services Managers

September 25, 2017
Joshua Katzman

Joshua Katzman


Students from the Automotive Business School of Canada (ABSC) at Georgian College share their experiences from participating in the Financial Services Manager Certificate Program in June 2017.

Delivered by members of LGM’s Training team, the five-day course offers students the opportunity to learn about the functions of a dealership’s Financial Services Office and best practices for Financial Services Managers.

Interview with Joshua Katzman, 3rd year student

Q: What first attracted you to a career in the automotive industry?

A: What attracted me to the automotive industry was how diverse and unique it is. I found that the industry is always changing and always revolutionizing. This, and my passion for cars and business, made it a perfect fit for my future career. Finding an industry that I can relate to and be passionate about was a key factor when deciding what type of education I wanted to pursue, and the Automotive Business School of Canada and the automotive industry haven’t disappointed one bit.

Q: Why did you decide to enroll in the Financial Services Manager (FSM) Certificate?

A: I decided to enroll in the Financial Services Manager Certificate course because I could see myself one day working as a Financial Services Manager. I also felt that taking this course would benefit me because I could further understand another sector of this industry. With the more you can grasp, I believe you can further develop your education and be a better-rounded student.

Q: What was the biggest thing you learned throughout the course? 

A: Without a doubt, the biggest thing I was able to take away from this course was how to better communicate and better grasp how various finance options work. The course focused on improving your sales pitch with customers and how to better present products in a way that customers would find more effective. While doing so, I was also able to pick up some tips on how to better present myself in the future. Both of these skills will definitely be beneficial for a future in the automotive industry.

Q: After taking the course, are you more interested in potentially having a career in the Financial Services Office? Why?

A: After completing the course, I am definitely more interested in pursuing a career in the Financial Services Office. This is in large part due to the uniqueness of the position and the opportunity it presents. Working in the Finance Office allows for you to present products and services to the customer that will ultimately benefit them, as well as generate profit for the dealership. You can also help promote the brand by doing this. I also believe that going through each department in a dealership can be beneficial moving forward with a career as you can gain experience in as many aspects of the industry as possible.

Q: Would you recommend this course to future students of the Automotive Business School of Canada?

A: I would highly recommend this course to any student! It was a great opportunity to gain further knowledge on such a key element of a dealership and the industry. Additionally, the course was engaging and helped us improve on key skills that will help us with our careers. Being instructed by someone who has worked as a Financial Services Manager before was great as it allowed us to get great insight on what actually can happen with this position.

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