Responsibility from the inside out

April 8, 2020

Earlier this year, employees participated in an internal activity to explore how we embrace our Responsible Mobility pledge 

Across all LGM offices in Canadaemployees were asked to write on a leaf-shaped note what “Proud to be Responsible” meant to them as LGM-ers and team members. Together, these notes fill the branches of decal tree in each office.  

Trees of Responsibility in LGM’s Vancouver, Oakville, and Montreal offices.

Here are four common themes that emerged from collective employee statements on what Proud to be Responsible means at LGM:

  • Delivering excellent customer service
  • Committing to sustainability and innovation
  • Being stewards of financial responsibility
  • Showing integrity, accountability, transparency, and thoughtfulness in our words and actions

Among all the notes that employees wrote, some great quotes stood out for each theme: 

Delivering excellent customer service 

  • “Constantly giving an excellent customer experience.”
  • “Actively reminding customers to use their benefits.”
  • “Addressing customer pains.”
  • “Respecting customer privacy.”

Committing to sustainability and innovation 

  • “Taking environmental responsibility – our industry has a huge impact.”
  • “Caring for each other, our customers, and our planet.”
  • “Respecting the Earth.”
  • “Becoming carbon neutral.”

Being stewards of financial responsibility 

  • “Being financially responsible.”
  • “Affordability and accessibility.”
  • “Investing in innovative, emerging, and sustainable technologies.”
  • “Providing customers with fair deals that are safe and secure.” 

Showing integrity, accountability, transparency, and thoughtfulness in our words and actions

  • “Being a company that cares for others, not just our clients.”
  • “Reliability: Doing what I say I will.”
  • “Giving back.”
  • “A willingness to be accountable.”
  • “Acting with integrity.”
The collective ‘Trees of Responsibility’ in each office remind us of our roots and dedication to our customers as we build towards ‘Responsible Mobility for All.”


Enjoy a fun time-lapse of the Tree activity below.