Learn How to Make a Difference: Responsible Mobility Online Course

July 7, 2021

At LGM, we believe that we should never stop learning! As such, we are very excited to announce that our Responsible Mobility online training course is now available. This course is accessible to ALL dealership employees and OEM partner employees free of charge and is available in both English and French. This fun and rewarding course has been created to help dealership employees learn how to make an impact in society, and it marks yet another step toward LGM’s vision: Responsible Mobility for All!

What is the Responsible Mobility online course?   

This course explores the concept of Responsible Mobility – an automotive movement that seeks to innovate and drive positive changes in the industry. It takes a holistic view of the dealership to illustrate how sales, service, and the Financial Services Office (FSO) can make a difference in the lives of consumers, the communities in which they operate, and society at large.

The course is packed with factoids, helpful tips, and other interactive activities that make for an engaging learning experience! For example, did you know that Responsible Companies have experienced a brand valuation increase of 175% over the past 12 years, compared to the median growth rate of 86%?

What will you learn?

  • The terms Responsible Mobility, Responsible Company, and Responsible Individual and how dealerships can make a difference in society.
  • The definition of a Social Purpose and how it can benefit the reputation, profitability, and growth of your dealership.
  • Emerging practices for Responsible Selling and how to become the customer’s Trusted Advisor.
  • An overview of industry regulations and how best to represent regulated products for optimized results.

We are excited to continue to provide exciting ways for dealerships to learn and grow. If you have any questions or would like to enroll in this innovative course, please reach out to your LGM Dealer Development Manager (DDM) or email LGM.Training@lgm.ca.