Introducing LGM Academy: LGM’s new dealer training brand

October 1, 2021

We are excited to introduce you to LGM Academy, LGM’s newly rebranded dealer training offer. LGM Academy was created to provide our dealer partners with an enhanced training experience that supports our values of learning and development.

Why LGM Academy?

At LGM, we value continuous learning and development. Our unique dealer training offer enables our dealer partners to both expand their finance and insurance (F&I) product expertise and work on their own personal and professional development. We have rebranded our dealer training offer to LGM Academy in an effort to enhance the training experience for dealers by providing them with consistently innovative learning opportunities.

Along with this rebranding, LGM has also partnered with Big Think+, the world’s largest archive of video lessons that teach essential 21st century soft skills from the world’s top minds, like Elon Musk (Founder/CEO of SpaceX and CEO/Product Architect at Tesla), Michelle Thaller (Astronomer and Assistant Director at NASA), Shane Battier (Former NBA player), and Chris Voss (Former FBI Negotiator and Founder/CEO of the Black Swan Group Ltd).

LGM Academy will now feature these exclusive online video lessons from Big Think+ to help dealers develop soft skills, which are critical for both personal and professional growth and success. We are also proud to share that LGM Academy will also house a ‘Women’s Corner,’ with lessons curated specifically for women’s learning and development.


If you have any questions about LGM Academy or if you need help accessing training, please reach out to your local Dealer Development Manager or email