Grow and attract top female talent with Women’s Corner

March 8, 2022

For decades now the automotive and financing landscape has skewed male. The gender discrepancy is jarring with women making up only 22% of the workforce. Aside from the obvious desire for a more equitable world, this gap is a problem for dealers because a workforce that is more evenly matched has major implications to their bottom line.

It’s for these reasons that many dealers are focusing their efforts on attracting and developing female bench strength to round out their talent pool.

At LGM, we recognize the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and the impact it has on building stronger, high-performing teams that better service our consumers, partners and communities. That’s why we’re proud to offer learning resources that enable women to achieve their full potential and make a real impact and help partners attract and retain a more diverse workforce.

Our Women’s Corner video series on LGM Academy provides women with the skills they need to feel confident and excel in their role. Courses and learning outcomes include:

Building Self Confidence 

  • A NASA astronomer’s guide to managing self-doubt
  • The true meaning of confidence, how to self-reflect on your journey with confidence, and how to build confidence from within
  • The importance of letting go of perfectionism

Becoming an Expert Negotiator 

  • Negotiation techniques so you can make deals like an FBI negotiator
  • How to identify your negotiation style – and your counterpart’s
  • How to leverage language and linguistic cues

The Art of Persuasion 

  • The six (6) Universal Principles of Influence
  • The difference between commanders and magnetizers of attention
  • How to use attunement to cover others’ interests

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