Demonstrate the value of Mechanical Breakdown Protection to your customers

September 15, 2020

Leveraging digital selling tools within your Financial Services Office (FSO), both virtually and in-dealership, can significantly increase your revenue and improve your customer relationships.

Regardless of your preferred selling journey, we are excited to announce a new digital interactive selling tool, called the Customer Analysis Worksheet, designed to help you increase your selling effectiveness and customer engagement when it comes to demonstrating the value of Mechanical Breakdown Protection or extended warranty products.

The Customer Analysis Worksheet tool helps explore customer’s intended ownership period and mileage to further emphasize customer needs and why a customer may need warranty protection across the entire ownership period as a priority product.

To help simplify and improve customer’s understanding of the warranty period relative to their total ownership period, the Customer Analysis Worksheet tool leans on an effective technique when explaining the frequency of repair for a customer. We refer to it as the vehicle lifetime phases from (1) Adjustment, (2) Gas & Go, and (3) Repair.

We recognize the value for customers and have seen increased closed rates when utilizing interactive digital selling tools.

To help you make use of Customer Analysis worksheets effectively, LGM offers further training and support via LGM’s online dealer training courses: Distinction FSO Fundamentals and FSO in a Virtual World. These courses provide scripts, videos, and objection handling you can use when choosing to employ this tool. You can currently register to these courses for free for a limited time here.

If you have questions, and would like more coaching and support, please reach out to your local LGM Dealer Development Manager.