Enhance your F&I performance. Exceed your
customers’ expectations.

Designed to enhance performance, Distinction is an F&I optimization program for Canadian automotive dealers and dealer groups. Developed leveraging decades of market-leading expertise, the program provides dealers with the data, tools and processes they need to optimize their F&I performance across all areas.


Improve customer experience in retail operations through training and coaching best practices.

Fit & Engagement

Develop a methodology for improved hiring and retention.

Tools & Technology

Identify and implement the right tools to increase operational efficiencies.

Motivation & Leadership

Develop a framework and best practices to help keep sales teams motivated and performing at their best.

The Distinction program has helped us elevate the experience we’ve been able to deliver to our customers, which has had a very positive impact on performance overall.

Working Together

Our team of consultants work closely with dealer partners to uncover opportunities, successfully execute performance enhancement strategies and provide ongoing support to drive performance over the long term.

Our Process

1 - Initial LGM Distinction Consultation

Through individual stakeholder interviews and collaborative group discussion, we conduct an in-depth discovery process to collect, document and develop a shared understanding of key metrics, business processes and strategic goals.

2 - Complete Financial Services Analysis

During the analysis process we conduct a deep dive into your transactional data to identify demographic and purchasing trends to uncover opportunities for growth and to better service your customers.

3 - Identification of Profit Opportunities & Priorities

Next, we utilize insights gleaned through the Discovery and Financial Service Analysis, coupled with the expertise resulting from decades as a market-leading F&I provider, to develop:

  • Buyer Personas: We develop detailed buyer personas to help you better understand the needs of your customers and uncover new opportunities to better service them. Personas serve as a guide to ensure all activities involved in acquiring and serving your customers are tailored to the buyers’ needs for a more effective, targeted approach.
  • Optimization Strategy: Develop an actionable plan to enhance performance by addressing opportunity gaps based on expertise, best practices and success in similar markets.

4 – Cross-functional Leadership Alignment in Driving FSO Profits

To ensure alignment amongst business leaders, our team will conduct workshops to reveal findings and gain buy in and momentum on action plans.

5 - Continued Consultative Support and Partnership

As a strategic partner, we will provide ongoing support and expertise to keep your F&I business moving forward. Your business will benefit from the dedicated support of a diverse team that knows your business and who have had an unparalleled depth of experience to help you reach your goals.

Learn more about Distinction

This premium consultative service is available to qualified Canadian dealerships and dealer groups. Contact us to learn more about the Distinction program.