Our purpose, our why at LGM

January 15, 2020

Author: Drew Collier, President and Chief Executive Officer, LGM


LGM was built on customer advocacy. From the beginning, our founder, Adam Hill recognized the need for consumer advocacy and transparency in the automotive warranty market. He believed in offering innovative and quality products to consumers with fair pricing and great service. This belief propelled LGM to introduce Canada’s first suite of OEM-branded products.

21 years later, we’ve been able to build a company that we’re truly proud of by staying true to our core values, innovation, and service excellence. Working with our partners to innovate and bring about positive change in our industry, we’ve been able to establish the first Hydrogen fueling station in Canada, start the auto industry’s first Distracted Driving campaign, and set up the first car-share model for commercial property managers.


As we look forward, the next 10 years in the auto industry is primed for more disruption than the last 50 in the face of converging mobility disruptions. These disruptions are Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric, and Digital (C.A.S.E.D).

Anticipating what the future will look like, we asked ourselves: how can we help drive positive changes forward?

We believe these forces will fundamentally change mobility on a global level for the better.  We will see safer, lower emission vehicles, fewer collisions, lower cost of mobility and greater consumer transparency and fairness.

Within these disrupters, we examined how we could create and influence positive change responsibly and sustainably. We reflected on ways we can help redefine the car ownership experience, drive increased consumer transparency, and build the best consumer-first experience within our industry. As we look to the future, we’ve found a mission in responsible mobility for all and have developed a three-year plan invested in the future of responsible mobility.

What does responsible mobility mean? To us, it means delivering an exceptional customer experience, paying claims fairly and quickly, and helping consumers better understand their policies to make informed decisions. Responsible mobility also means technological advancements, working with our partners to innovate and bring about positive changes to our industry.

Our north star is to empower our customers and our employees, embodied under our new slogan, “Proud to be Responsible”.


We know we can get there with a customer-centric growth mindset that fosters new ideas, collaboration, and transparency. This includes embracing innovative technology solutions, strengthening our current product offerings, exploring new consumer-focused product initiatives, and working strategically with our partners and industry players.

We’ll also continue to focus on social responsibility and employee experience because we know that the most important aspect of doing business comes down to fundamentals – our people and company values.

Our core company values of service excellence, respect, integrity, giving back, and innovation will guide us in how we treat and show up for our customers, and especially consumers. These values are championed by the heart of our company, our employees, and has served as a foundation for our decisions and actions.


Ultimately, our success is a result of our customers – partners, dealers, and consumers. We’re committed to succeeding together by providing new, innovative solutions that give our customers a competitive edge and improve the consumer experience.

In the last 12 months (see infographic), we’ve made multiple strides within our business to bring about a better customer and consumer experience, including:

• Technological investments: resulting in numerous milestones, such as advancements in our self-service claim automations capabilities. We also made significant progress in our build and price engine as well as our own proprietary recommendation engine aimed at better serving consumers digitally. To build breadth and depth into our dealer support, we launched a digital retailing partnership, online training program and an F&I certificate program with the Automotive Business School of Canada. We also successfully moved our technology to a public cloud infrastructure for increased scale, availability, security, and reliability.
• Product portfolio enhancements: launching over 200 product updates and releases because we believe in listening to customer feedback and constant improvement.
• Service excellence delivery: is what we pride ourselves in. Our teams paid out 67,049 claims and received 53,514 customer service calls where 96% received a decision in one hour or less. Year over year, our consumer and dealer satisfaction scores have consistently exceeded the 90th percentile as validated by a third party.
• Social Responsibility: keeps us grounded. We believe that positive impact begins with our involvement in the communities we live and work in. Our employees totaled 6,354 volunteer hours in our last fiscal year.


As we look towards the new year and beyond, we are excited to focus our efforts on “Proud to Be Responsible” to better serve our customers. We hope our work brings about a consumer automotive experience that is technology-enhanced, transparent, fair, and sustainable.