LGM program works toward positive societal, environmental impact

April 20, 2021
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Auto Remarketing Canada (March 12, 2021) – Canadian F&I products provider LGM notes its track record of having a social conscience. The company created an Auto Dealers Against Distracted Driving campaign and recently helped create Canada’s first hydrogen fueling station.

This month, LGM continued that track record by announcing a new program that shows its passion for being a responsible and purpose-driven company.

The program is called, “To Accelerate Responsible Mobility for All,” and LGM said it has set out to engage its customers and dealerships on its social purpose, explore B Corp certification, and move a portion of its invested assets to an environmental, social and governance, or ESG, investment model.

LGM has worked since 2018 with United Way’s Social Purpose Institute to define its social purpose. The institute works with Canadian companies to grow the concept of social purpose and define why their business exists beyond its sales or product.

The institute also helps companies identify what they stand for and determine how the business can contribute to society and the greater good overall.

The institute and LGM have published a Purpose in Practice Case Study on how LGM has inspired change within the automotive industry and on setting goals for a more sustainable future.

“We recognize both the importance of mobility within society, as well as the problems that have arisen since cars have been invented. LGM is looking to be a catalyst for change in the automotive industry so that we can have a positive societal and environmental impact,” LGM president and chief executive officer Drew Collier said in a news release.

Collier also said, “The work we have done with [the Social Purpose Institute] on our social purpose has allowed us to align as an organization and focus on what we believe will drive the most change in these important areas.”

Mary Ellen Schaafsma, director of the Social Purpose Institute at United Way, said LGM’s social purpose is impressive.

“And it advances opportunities to work with automotive partners to innovate in ways that advance their social purpose and help create a better world, just by doing business,” Schaafsma said.

Schaafsma also said, “By creating a social purpose, LGM is taking the necessary steps to accelerate responsible mobility for all, unleash the company’s potential to create positive social change, and improve the communities we call home.”

Collier said many opportunities exist to bring positive change in the automotive industry to help consumers and society.

“We hope that we can inspire our automotive partners to identify and act on these opportunities as well,” Collier said.

Auto Remarketing Canada, Staff