LGM offers learning support for dealerships

April 19, 2021
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AutoSphere (April 1, 2021) – LGM financial services, recognized as one of Canada’s leading F&I providers, has re-opened its online learning platform, My Distinction Learning.

The aim is to provide effective support to dealers as they continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

LGM says that courses are available to all automotive professionals, regardless of their affinity to LGM and are designed to help dealers overcome challenges resulting from social distancing measures, brought about by the pandemic.

“Right now, social distancing guidelines change daily, impacting how our dealers do business. Once the pandemic is over, it will forever change how businesses operate. Getting ahead of what that looks like is smart business and there has never been a more important time to get ahead,” said Nathalie Abdallah, Vice President of Dealer Training at LGM.

Staying Ahead

The need to pivot in order to stay ahead of the curve was a key factor behind LGM’s Financial Services Office in a Virtual World, which was created as a response to changes in business practices as a result of the pandemic.

The course aims to help those working in dealerships optimize their F&I business and build better relationships with clients in an increasingly digital world. FSO in a Virtual World is just one of many on-demand learning programs offered by LGM through their Learning Management System (LMS), which they launched in 2019.

Since the very beginning, LGM says it has been focused on creating the best training experience for its customers. Since March 2019, the LMS program has received over 5,500 completions as well as numerous accolades from partners and participants regarding their LMS content.

“At LGM, we are committed to succeeding together by providing new, innovative solutions that give our customers a competitive edge and improve the consumer experience,” said Drew Collier, President and CEO of LGM. “It’s a tough time for all, so if we can help dealerships level up their sales skills and improve customer satisfaction, then we have done our job.”

– , Autosphere Canada