LGM hosts “exceptional” forum

December 20, 2016
In the News

As appeared in December 2016 AutoJournal 

By: Krystyna Lagowski

As technology continues to revolutionize the retail sector, consumers are demanding an exceptional service experience. A recent LGM Financial Services forum entitled “Exceptional Service, Exceptional Results” featured best-selling author and customer service guru Micah Solomon, and J.D. Ney, manager of automotive research at J.D.  Power providing insight and tips on how to deliver to the changing consumer.

A rapt audience of OEM sales and finance executives heard how to harness new technology with better interpersonal interactions to engage the consumer and exceed their expectations. Solomon put emphasis on what he terms “social currency,” or the sharing of experiences through social media. “In the old days, wealthy people would travel the world and bring home furs, jewelry and other souvenirs,” he said. “That’s no longer the case. Consumers share experiences all the time, not after, but during. If it’s not on their phone, it didn’t happen. They’re not always comfortable talking with other human beings, but they’re comfortable sharing screens.” Customers also share to achieve social status–collecting and sharing experiences makes them popular. Consider the social aspect of what you’re selling, Solomon advised dealers. “Make sure it’s worth sharing, that it’s memorable,” he said. “Your customers will essentially do your marketing for you.”