LGM goes paperless: Electronic Dealer Agreements now mandatory

June 29, 2021

We are excited to announce that LGM is going paperless with our mandatory Electronic Dealer Agreements now available to all dealership partners! This exciting advancement marks another way that LGM is working to further the commitment to sustainability and to promote self-service opportunities.

Why Electronic Dealer Agreements? 

There are many benefits to using Electronic Dealer Agreements, including:

  • Increases accuracy of information provided on dealer agreements.
  • Decreases time spent following up on missing or inaccurate fields.
  • Provides convenience and flexibility to LGM’s Sales team so they can work more efficiently (sign anytime, anywhere).
  • Allows LGM’s Service team to focus on more complex and intricate requests.
  • Enhances LGM’s security and reporting process.
  • Creates an additional self-serve functionality to LGM dealerships and the Sales team.

Not only does going paperless with Electronic Dealer Agreements have positive effects on the environment, it also helps streamline the agreement signing process for various stakeholders. Electronic Dealer Agreements enable the LGM team to work more efficiently which allows more time to provide excellent service, provide a quicker turnaround time to dealers for authorizing a product, and provide more opportunities to drive sales thanks to LGM’s “sign anytime, anywhere” approach!

This advancement aligns with LGM’s social purpose: To Accelerate Responsible Mobility for All! In March 2020, LGM began offering Electronic Dealer Agreements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After realizing the success that Electronic Dealer Agreements had on reducing overall carbon footprint and providing accelerated service for dealers, LGM decided to make Electronic Dealer Agreements mandatory. Additionally, LGM is helping their vendor, Docusign, attain their goal. With LGM’s help, they have succeeded in reducing their carbon footprint by saving the following:

  • 465 million kg of wood.
  • 11.4 billion L of water.
  • 1.1 billion kg of carbon.
  • 75.6 million kg of waste.

If you have any questions or need assistance accessing the Electronic Dealer Agreements, please reach out to your local Dealer Development Manager.