LGM introduces Financial Services Manager Certification Program 

November 16, 2023
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Vancouver, BCLGM Financial Services Inc. (LGM), a leading Finance and Insurance (F&I) provider in Canada, proudly announces the official launch of its Financial Services Manager (FSM) Certification Program. Part of LGM’s broader Learning Journey Program, the FSM Certification consists of a unique three-phase program designed to empower Financial Services Managers with advanced skills, enhancing dealership performance and customer satisfaction. 

The development of this program reflects LGM’s leadership in the F&I industry by standardizing the knowledge and expertise of F&I professionals. LGM’s FSM Certification Program plays a vital role in ensuring consistency and competence amongst Financial Service Managers.  

Following a successful beta launch earlier this year, LGM is excited to roll out its new proprietary and comprehensive FSM Certification Program on a broader scale for their dealer partners. The initial learning journey introduced valuable resources with 100% of participants saying they would recommend the program to others 

What is LGM’s FSM Certification? 

LGM believes in continuous, life-long learning. As such, LGM’s Learning Journey Program was designed by their field experts to help Financial Services Managers enhance their knowledge and expertise, enabling them to become more confident, motivated, and effective at performing their roles. LGM’s program consists of three phases that build upon each other to provide you with a comprehensive and tailored learning experience 

As part of LGM’s learning journey program, the FSM Certification Program offers a tiered approach to learning with distinct levels, ensuring continuous knowledge progression throughout. Participants have the flexibility to access courses online, with learning available through a combination of virtual platforms and, for certain exclusive sessions, in-person attendance. This diverse approach fosters an inclusive learning environment for everyone. 

Why certification matters 

Certification is undeniably vital in establishing a standardized benchmark of competence in professional fields, standing as a testament to an individual’s skills and knowledge. Yet, acknowledging the opportunities that can arise from the absence of standardized certification in some fields is equally crucial. This absence allows professionals the freedom to explore diverse learning methodologies and curricula, empowering them to showcase unique competencies and tailor their methods for personalized customer solutions. 

While certification serves as a crucial marker of competence, it’s the varied training approaches that enable individuals to showcase their unique skills. LGM’s FSM Certification Program adeptly combines these strengths by providing a structured foundation, ensuring professionals are not just equipped but well-prepared to excel in their roles. Prioritizing the flexibility and adaptability of learners, this program places a dual emphasis on adaptability and certification, fostering a diverse range of skills and approaches. This comprehensive approach ultimately enriches the quality of services and products offered within the profession. The acquisition of certification can lead to: 

Industry Standardization: Certifications establish a common set of standards and best practices within the finance and insurance (F&I) sector of the automotive industry, ensuring a consistent level of knowledge and expertise. 

Enhanced Credibility: Professionals with certifications are perceived as more credible and trustworthy by customers, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Certification programs often cover legal and regulatory requirements, helping F&I professionals stay in compliance with complex industry regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and fines. 

Skill Development: Certification programs provide ongoing training and development opportunities, helping individuals acquire advanced skills and stay up to date with industry trends, ultimately improving their performance. 

Career Advancement: Holding certifications can open doors to higher-paying and specialized positions within the automotive industry, offering opportunities for career growth and increased earning potential. 

As industries evolve and mature, the value of certification becomes increasingly evident. LGM’s FSM Certification Program is helping to drive this positive transformation within the automotive industry.  

How does LGM’s FSM Certification Program work? 

LGM’s FSM Certification Program provides learners with a comprehensive and tailored learning experience to enhance knowledge and expertise in while innovating the sales approach for F&I products in a way that increases dealership productivity and profitability, while at the same time improving customer satisfaction. What’s important to note is that each phase is a prerequisite to the next, meaning that the next phase cannot be taken if the one prior was not completed successfully. 

The Learning Journey offers a comprehensive approach and encompasses online foundational courses, live virtual workshops, and hands-on, in-person sessions. Each phase builds on the latter to enhance skills and product offerings. 

Participants overwhelmingly recognized the value of LGM’s customized learning with 98% of participants who said they saw the value of going through LGM’s customized learning journey and 99% agreed that the content of this training was informative and useful to their role. 

“The expansion of our FSM Certification Program represents a milestone in our commitment to empowering individuals with the highest quality of industry-specific knowledge. 

This program has been meticulously designed with a progressive approach with each phase building upon the knowledge acquired in the previous one. In fact, 98% of our learners said that following the certification in this specific order was beneficial for developing their knowledge, skills and abilities. This structured curriculum ensures that professionals excel in their roles, ultimately contributing to the success of their dealership.’’ said Nathalie Abdallah, Vice President, Dealer Training and Sales Force Development at LGM. 

This comprehensive approach provides all participants the opportunity to thrive in their own preferred learning style. The mixed medium approach ensures that everyone can understand and retain the information presented in the courses. 

The program is delivered in a variety of formats to capture engagement and cater to all learning styles. If you’re interested in joining the Learning Journey, please reach out by email to Sales@LGM.ca or contact your local LGM Dealer Development Manager for more information.  

About LGM Financial Services Inc. 

LGM Financial Services has been a leader in Canada’s automotive industry since 1998 by supplying branded warranty, finance and insurance products to distinguished automotive manufacturers and dealers across the country. Driven by innovation and service excellence, LGM is focused on maximizing dealership performance and customer satisfaction through products that are backed by an elite F&I sales and training program, and a comprehensive claims and dealer support network. Learn more at LGM.ca. 

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