LGM enhances claims experience through innovative AI integrations

August 17, 2021
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Vancouver, BC – LGM Financial Services Inc. (LGM), one of Canada’s leading Finance and Insurance (F&I) providers, announces how their active role in using artificial intelligence (AI) and rules-based solutions has enabled an enhanced claims experience for their dealer customers. Not only has AI been a key driver in efficiencies that benefit both dealers and consumers, it has also afforded LGM more time to focus on innovating other areas of the consumer experience.

LGM’s core values, innovation and service excellence, prompted them to recognize areas in which their service could be enhanced through automated solutions. “At LGM, we are always looking for additional ways to create the best customer experience possible,” said Gad Campbell, Executive Vice President of Service. “Consumer expectations have changed in terms of service delivery, even more so during the pandemic, from a claims resolution perspective. Technologies such as AI and Machine Learning have afforded us the ability to evolve along with these changing demands.”

LGM attributes the following service enhancements to their integration of AI and automated solutions:

  • Faster decisions: Due to LGM’s usage of AI in the claims process, dealers now receive decisions faster than they ever have, which has a positive impact on both the customer and dealer, with over 80% receiving a decision in less than ten minutes.
  • 24/7 Availability: Dealers can submit claims and receive decisions outside of LGM’s normal business hours (e.g.: during evenings and weekends).
  • Consistency: AI integration provides consistent claims adjudication, giving LGM’s dealer network a more predictable claim experience.
  • Complex Claims Resolution: With AI improving and speeding up the claims process, LGM’s technical claims experts have more time to focus on more complex issues, expediting their resolution.

AI is just one of the ways LGM is enhancing their offering to further cement their position as one of Canada’s leading F&I providers. The firm’s ongoing investment into innovative technologies demonstrates their commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience for both consumers and dealers alike.

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