LGM announces commitment to bringing about positive change in the automotive industry

March 4, 2021
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Vancouver, BC – LGM Financial Services (LGM), a leading provider of Finance and Insurance (F&I) products in Canada, today announced their commitment to their new Social Purpose, “To Accelerate Responsible Mobility for All”, which demonstrates their passion for being a responsible and purpose driven company. The company has set out goals to engage their customers and dealerships on their Social Purpose, explore B Corp certification, and move a portion of their invested assets to an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment model.

Since 2018, LGM has been working with United Way’s Social Purpose Institute (SPI) to define their Social Purpose. SPI is an organization that works with companies across Canada to grow the concept of Social Purpose and define why their business exists beyond its sales or product, identify what it stands for, and determine the role the business can play in contributing to society and the greater good overall, at the very core of everything they do. As part of their work together, SPI and LGM have published a Purpose in Practice Case Study highlighting how LGM has inspired change within the automotive industry to date, and what goals they have for a more sustainable future.

“We recognize both the importance of mobility within society, as well as the problems that have arisen since cars have been invented. LGM is looking to be a catalyst for change in the automotive industry so that we can have a positive societal and environmental impact,” said Drew Collier, President and CEO of LGM. “The work we have done with SPI on our Social Purpose has allowed us to align as an organization and focus on what we believe will drive the most change in these important areas.”

LGM has a track record of being a company with a strong social conscience. They were the first company to create an Auto Dealers Against Distracted Driving campaign (ADADD), aimed to educate customers around the perils of distracted driving, and recently helped create Canada’s first hydrogen fuelling station, to help push green initiatives forward.

“LGM’s Social Purpose is impressive, and it advances opportunities to work with automotive partners to innovate in ways that advance their social purpose and help create a better world, just by doing business.” says Mary Ellen Schaafsma, Director of the Social Purpose Institute at United Way. “By creating a Social Purpose, LGM is taking the necessary steps to Accelerate Responsible Mobility for All, unleash the company’s potential to create positive social change, and improve the communities we call home.”

“There are a lot of opportunities to drive positive change in the automotive industry for the betterment of consumers and society,” said Collier. “We hope that we can inspire our automotive partners to identify and act on these opportunities as well.”

For more information about how businesses can create a Social Purpose, visit www.socialpurpose.ca.

About LGM Financial Services 

LGM Financial Services (LGM) is a leader in Canada’s automotive space, focused on revolutionizing the consumer automotive experience through technology, transparency, and sustainability. Since 1998, LGM has been providing branded Finance and Insurance (F&I) products to distinguished automotive manufacturers and dealers across the country. LGM works to maximize dealership performance and customer satisfaction through products that are backed by an elite F&I sales and training program, and a comprehensive claim and dealer support network. For future information visit www.LGM.ca. 

About the Social Purpose Institute

The Social Purpose Institute (SPI) at United Way exists to grow business for good, partnering with companies and collaborating with governments, allied organizations, and others to grow the Social Purpose Business movement. We achieve this in several ways. We help businesses define and implement their social purpose to drive both business growth and societal good. We champion a purpose-led economy, accelerating the new business ethic to create long-term well-being for all. We are thought leaders, creating and curating insights and knowledge to define the transition pathway to the purpose-led economy. We convene the social purpose ecosystem – the partners and actors needed to bring social purpose to life in communities across Canada. Together, we build a better world through business. The SPI is part of the United Way of the Lower Mainland. For more information, visit us at www.socialpurpose.ca or visit www.uwlm.ca.