LGM Academy’s comprehensive Learning Journey Program empowers Financial Services Managers to maximize every opportunity 

June 28, 2023

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving; From the advancement in state-of-the-art vehicle technologies, to the uptake in electric vehicles (EVs), to the age of factory orders, car dealers continue to face many changes that have required them to remain informed and resilient.

When looking at successful dealerships with top-performing staff, one thing they have in common is the investment in effective training and continued learning. According to a study cited in Forbes, 55% of employees say they require additional training to perform better in their roles.

LGM recognized this gap and today announces that through LGM Academy, their unique training offering, they have curated an innovative, comprehensive Learning Journey Program to help their dealer partners level up on sales results and acquire a competitive advantage when it comes to financial services.

What is LGM’s Learning Journey Program?

LGM believes in continuous, life-long learning. As such, LGM’s Learning Journey Program was designed by their field experts to help Financial Services Managers enhance their knowledge and expertise and enable them to become more confident, motivated, and effective at performing their roles.

“Our innovative Learning Journey Program for Financial Services Managers stands out in the automotive industry,” says Nathalie Abdallah, Vice President, Dealer Training and Sales Force Development at LGM. “This program was thoughtfully curated in a way that will conveniently fit into the lives of Financial Services Managers, touch on various learning styles and approaches, and provide meaningful lessons that can be practically applied to drive results.”

How does LGM’s Learning Journey Program work?

Consisting of three phases that build upon each other, LGM’s Learning Journey Program provides Financial Services Managers with a comprehensive and tailored learning experience that is proven to enhance knowledge and expertise in financial services. In fact, 98% of participants said they saw the value of going through LGM’s customized learning journey.

Here’s a brief overview of how each phase works:

  • Phase One of the Learning Journey Program focuses on essential online learning courses and lays down foundational knowledge for the learner.
  • Phase Two takes it to the next level by enhancing the participants’ skills and applying their knowledge through a live virtual workshop hosted by an LGM industry expert.
  • Phase Three is an opportunity for participants to be hosted in-person. This phase puts their knowledge from the previous phases into practice through hands-on learning and is proven to increase penetration rates.

This comprehensive approach provides all participants the opportunity to thrive in their own preferred learning style. The mixed medium approach ensures that everyone can understand and retain the information presented in the courses.  "This course was a big help in an area that I was struggling with, and I feel more comfortable and confident now." Contact your local LGM Dealer Development Manager or email Sales@lgm.ca for more information on how to enroll.

Here’s a look at some of the unique benefits that can be achieved within each phase of the Learning Journey Program:

What are the benefits of online learning for training Financial Services Managers? (Phase One of LGM’s Learning Journey Program)

Studies have found that online learning, also known as e-learning, can help participants retain between 25% and 60% more information and improves employee performance by 15-25%. The first phase of LGM’s Learning Journey Program is completely online and can conveniently be incorporated into a dealer’s schedule as courses are offered in bite-sized modules, on a self-serve video platform, eliminating the need to take time off work to travel or disrupt their typical schedule.

Phase one provides many benefits for Financial Services Managers, including:  Online learning benefits from phase one of LGM's Learning Journey Program for dealers include: enhanced product knowledge, improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, better customer engagement, competitive advantage, and reduced escalations and cancellations.

What are the benefits of virtual workshops for training Financial Services Managers? (Phase Two of LGM’s Learning Journey Program)

Phase Two of LGM’s Learning Journey Program involves virtual workshops that continue to deliver the online learning benefits, while also incorporating more interaction and allowing participants to dive deeper into the topics covered in the first phase.

Here are just some of the benefits of LGM’s virtual workshops:

List of LGM's virtual workshop benefits include: engagement, interaction, and sharing opportunities, time effective, accessibility, convenience, and flexibility, access to additional tools and resources, practical application.

What are the benefits of in-person training for training Financial Services Managers? (Phase Three of LGM’s Learning Journey Program)

While the starting point of LGM’s Learning Journey Program is via online learning, which has been proven to have many benefits for professionals, the program may include the opportunity for in-person support, for a more holistic experience, where participants have the opportunity for bring their skills to life through in-person practice. This phase improves participants’ communication skills and sales techniques and is proven to increase penetration rates as a result.

Here are some of the top benefits from participating in in-person learning:

Benefits of LGM's in-person phase 3 learning journey includes: real-time feedback, hands-on workbook, integration of tools, knowledge sharing, roleplay and experiential learning, and proven to increase penetration rates pos-session.

Interested in joining the hundreds of Financial Services Managers that are participating in the innovative Learning Journey Program? Get in touch!

One hundred per cent of participants in LGM’s Learning Journey Program said they were likely to recommend it to someone else.

If you’re interested in registering yourself or your team in LGM’s Learning Journey Program, please feel free to reach out by email to LGMacademy@lgm.ca or contact your local LGM Dealer Development Manager for more information. Quote from a learning journey participant says: " This was one of the best training classes. The trainer provided good real-life examples." Contact your local LGM Dealer Development Manager or email Sales@LGM.ca for more information and to get enrolled.