Celebrating women in the automotive industry

March 9, 2023
In the News

As originally appeared in Autosphere on March 8, 2023.

Autosphere proudly brings you profiles of women leaders in Canada’s automotive industry.

On March 8, everyone is celebrating International Women’s Day, a time to pause and reflect on the accomplishments of women around the globe. Today, women are being recognized and applauded not only for the part they play in businesses of all kinds, but for their contributions to society in general. In many instances, the role of women has changed, and there’s no doubt that our world is the better for it.

Autosphere is saluting women who are leading the way in our Canadian automotive industry. They’re from sectors spanning the business, from coast to coast – retailing, the aftermarket, collision repair, fleet management and the tire sector. Some are new to the industry, others have been in the business for many years. The women we’re profiling have a variety of backgrounds, from journalists to finance gurus to human resources experts. In our Canadian automotive field, it seems anything and everything is possible. It’s a testament to the diversity and opportunities available to those with the ambition to succeed.

Here are the stories of their contributions, accomplishments, and how they’ve made a difference. And although we are highlighting their achievements today, these women are on the job, paving the way for others, every day of the year.