Canada’s first retail hydrogen refuelling station comes to Vancouver

August 20, 2018
In the News

As originally appeared in the August 2018 issue of Canadian AutoWorld.

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Vancouver became the home of Canada’s first retail hydrogen refuelling station, kicking off the rollout of a six-station refuelling network that Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation (HTEC) is building in Greater Vancouver and Victoria.

HTEC teamed up with Shell Canada to build the station at 8686 Granville Street. HTEC and Shell announced their partnership for three other stations in British Columbia. The project also involved a number of automakers as well as the government. Hyundai Canada was present at the unveiling with its NEXO, its second-generation fuel cell electric vehicle.

“This milestone in innovation signifies our collective, unwavering commitment to a sustainable future for the automotive industry”, said Adam Hill, CEO, LGM Financial Services. “We applaud our partners for their dedication to making a difference for our environment. LGM is very proud of the role we played in moving Canada’s first retail hydrogen station from concept to construction.”

The six-station network will enable the first 1,000 zero emission hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to hit British Columbia’s roads. Hill spoke about the significance of this fuelling station in the journey to zero emission transportation in Canada, noting the effective partnerships involved in providing consumers access to this innovative technology as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Investment for this initiative came from LGM Financial Services, along with funding from both the provincial and federal governments, through the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and Western Economic Diversification Canada’s WINN initiative respectively.

“None of this would be possible without like-minded partners, committed to the transition to a clean-energy future,” said Colin Armstrong, president and CEO, HTEC. “LGM has been an important and engaged sponsor of this historic station from the beginning, and we’re grateful for the company’s support as we celebrate this exciting day.”

Hill added that when someone comes to the station the experience will be familiar, as the design is very much in line with a traditional gasoline station. “Even the look of the tower is very similar to a gasoline pump,” he added. “While it does have a more ‘futuristic’ touch-screen for the transaction, other than that, you have your traditional nozzle which you put into your vehicle and fuel up.”

Hill continued that Vancouver was a natural choice for rolling out this first station as the city is well known for being on the leading edge of fuel cell vehicle technologies. “[And] if you look at the Vancouver market itself, there is a wide network of consumers who are willing and eager to try alternative fuel solutions. And pretty much all of the major auto makers today are doing research and development for fuel cell vehicles.”

“Hyundai Auto Canada has long believed that hydrogen is the best way forward to a greener future of transportation. As it only takes five minutes to fill up and has a range of nearly 600 km, hydrogen is the alternative fuel that best fits the lives of Canadians,” said Don Romano, president and CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada.

“Working with HTEC to bring hydrogen refuelling to Vancouver is one of many exciting ways we are advancing cleaner energy solutions and evolving to meet the changing expectations of customers,” said Michael Crothers, Shell Canada president and country chair. “Canada is well suited to capitalize on the energy transition thanks to the ingenuity of Canadians and our willingness to work together. We’re grateful for the collaboration between industry and government that was instrumental in making this station a reality.”