Learn to Read Body Language Like a Poker Pro: Short Video Lesson Available

June 16, 2021

In our effort to promote continuous growth and learning, we are excited to announce that a new video lesson, “Read Body Language Like a Poker Pro” by international poker champion Liv Boeree, is now available for all our dealership partner employees. Being able to read body language gives you a huge advantage as a communicator and is an essential 21st century skill. This 4-minute video is applicable to all dealership employees, regardless of their role. The video was filmed in English, but French subtitles are provided.

How to access the video:

This 4-minute video is available for self-enrollment via our online learning platform.

  • Locate the My Distinction Learning dashboard on the left side menu using your HUB login.
  • Once you have accessed the learning platform, simply click on the rolling banner, or select the “Catalog” tile to enroll in the course.
  • The video can be found under the category “Skills for the 21st Century”.
  • Click on “Enroll” to view the video.

About this video lesson:

Liv Boeree is best known for being the only female poker player in the world to win both the World Series of Poker and European Poker Tour championships. As a poker pro, Boeree knows that reading body language is the key to unlocking telling information about someone. It can also give you a huge advantage as a communicator. No matter what your title, being able to read body language is an asset. In this short video lesson, Boeree will teach you how to read body language and how to get the most out of your interactions with others.

This video lesson is provided by Big Think – the world’s largest archive of video lessons that teach essential 21st century skills from the world’s top minds. Big Think Edge features video lessons on topics ranging from critical thinking to diversity & inclusion to emotional intelligence. All of Big Think’s lessons are taught by influential guest speakers, like Michelle Thaller – Astronomer and Assistant Director of Science Communication at NASA, Elon Musk – Founder/CEO of Space Exploration Technologies Corp., and Shane Battier – Former NBA player.

Key takeaways from this video lesson:

  • How to determine a person’s “baseline”: You will learn how to observe an individual’s natural behaviour.
  • How to look for deviations in a person’s behaviour: You will learn how to determine when someone deviates from their “baseline”.
  • How to understand the body, not just the face: You will learn that the body can be the most telling information about someone’s true feelings and emotions. Boeree will teach you where to look and how to understand the body language that you observe.

We are excited to continue to provide exciting ways for employees to grow and learn. If you have any questions relating to this new video, please reach out to your LGM Dealer Development Manager or to our training team at LGM.Training@lgm.ca.