Introducing Live Chat: A new time-saving feature for enhanced service

May 10, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of our new bilingual Live Chat and Chatbot feature that work seamlessly with our Dealership Knowledge Base launched earlier this year.

Located within the HUB, these features are designed to deliver a faster, more personalized experience. The Live Chat feature gathers and authenticates dealer information before passing it on to our Dealer Support Team, expediting and enhancing the service our dealer partners receive.

Time savings for dealers:

  • Chatbot real-time responses: Within our knowledgebase, our Chatbot provides additional guidance by matching dealer questions to answers, allowing usto deliver real-time responses 24/7.
  • Reduced response time: Chat enables the Dealer Support Team to manage multiple chats at one time, further reducing response time over more traditional methods such as telephone and email which cannot be managed simultaneously.
  • Shorter wait time for complex inquiries: The new chat feature made it easy for dealers to take a self directed approach and get access to answers to their questions quickly. In doing this, we expect to see a decrease in the number of calls passed onto the Contact Centre, resulting in a reduced wait time for those with more complex questions.

Personalized experiences: Because the tool proactively gathers and retains information, including the text supplied by the dealer, the support agent is better equipped to deliver a more personalized experience. Instead of collecting redundant information, support members are able to jump in and start helping, creating an opportunity to quickly engage in a more meaningful conversation.

Inform and evolve our services: The Live Chat tool enables us to capture and identify themes to help improve our service in the future. By tagging conversations with similar topics or questions , we are able to identify and pinpoint frequent issues and adapt our service to the changing needs of our dealer partners.

More service options: Live Chat is just one of the ways we support our dealer partners. Our Dealer Support team will continue to deliver support by phone and email for greater choice and flexibility.

This new feature is just one of the ways we are demonstrating our ongoing commitment to service excellence. Stay tuned for more exciting service enhancements in the coming months.