Elevate your performance with LGM’s self-serve claims capabilities

April 16, 2020

Streamlining your dealership’s claims process has always been a priority for us. LGM offers a simplified online claims experience for service departments. Using LGM HUB, you can save time and gain greater autonomy in the claims and payment process.

LGM is proud to offer a variety of self-service features in the HUB that are designed to streamline and simplify your online claims experience. Read more to learn about the features and how they can benefit your dealership and customer experience.

Online Claims
Our self-serve features are available 24/7 and easy to navigate, allowing you to submit a claim from start to finish in approximately two minutes! You’ll also benefit from consistent claims adjudication, allowing claims to be processed quicker with reliable results – providing instant decisions for your customers. The time saved allows adjusters to dedicate more time to technical and complex claims.

Automated Adjudication
*Currently available for certain products only
Automated adjudication provides a 24/7 automated claims decision service for dealers, allowing for claims decisions to be made on weekends and evenings when the call centre is closed. Standard business rules are set to allow for faster and more consistent decisions – providing a quicker turnaround time for vehicle repairs and increased customer satisfaction.

Claims Payments Automation
Settlement Automation provides faster payments to give you greater autonomy during the payment process. You can now upload, submit and self-declare your invoices in the HUB for payment 24/7. This process helps you get paid quickly and accurately – reducing the 48-hour payment time, allowing an increased number of self-declared invoices to be approved within minutes.

Dealer Support Self-Serve Tools
Dealer Support Automation provides dealers with an online support system that allows more accessibility, immediacy and autonomy with their requests, specifically relating to the ability to submit cancellations and amendments online. Available 24/7, dealers receive an additional layer of support outside of regular business hours, adding flexibility to a busy schedule. A consistent and expedited decision process allows for a reduction in follow-up work, letting agents focus on more complex and technical tasks for dealers.

*Currently only available on Pre-paid Maintenance and Appearance Protection products.
ClaimAndGo is LGM’s new mobile application that allows service users to process claims, receive faster decisions and payments from anywhere at any time! The app compliments LGM’s online system and can be used together for flexibility and convenience. For example, a claim created on your mobile device can be finished in the HUB, and vice versa. The freedom and easy-to-use experience of ClaimAndGo eliminates time with our call center and lets dealers focus more on the customer.

LGM prides itself on being at the forefront of developing innovative technological solutions that enhances the automotive experience for dealers and customers alike. LGM constantly strives to deliver exceptional customer service by paying claims quickly and fairly. With the roll-out of our self-serve initiatives, we can continue to better serve our customers and align with our promise and slogan “Proud to Be Responsible.” Click here to read more about LGM’s vision and purpose.