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Comprehensive training that empowers every type of learner to achieve optimal performance.

  • Engaging. Designed to motivate engagement and foster a growth culture.
  • Effective. Our top-performing dealer partners participate in training.
  • Customer-centric. Master both product knowledge and soft


of employees feel they aren’t reaching full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities.*

Training that’s not one-size-fits-everyone.

We understand that everyone learns differently, so we’ve developed a modern hybrid training model that caters to all learners.

Our content satisfies learners with measurable results and reinforces teaching with real-life scenarios played out in the dealership.


Available anytime, anywhere.

Virtual workshop

Interactive peer learning.


Experiential learning and real-life scenarios.

Financial Services Manager Certification.

Phase 1: Establishing product knowledge & communication skills

This is a self-serve, online learning phase, making learning product knowledge and communication skills convenient and flexible. This phase includes mandatory knowledge assessments.

Phase 2: Thriving in the Financial Services Office

This is a live virtual workshop that covers product prioritization through case studies, enables peer-to-peer learning, and equips participants with helpful tools to take away.

Phase 3: Maximizing every opportunity in the Financial Services Office

This is an in-classroom opportunity for participants to engage in roleplaying scenarios, receive feedback, and learn helpful sales and customer experience techniques from experts.

Courses we offer.

Created by internal F&I training experts and leveraging lessons from global thought leaders through our partnership with Big Think +, our courses build well-rounded teams that are experts in F&I products, sales processes, digital literacy, responsible mobility, and havedeveloped soft skills.

F&I product knowledge.

Build consumer confidence through product expertise. These courses are aimed at helping sales teams develop a detailed understanding of the specific features and benefits of F&I products.

Impactful sales techniques.

Equip F&I managers with masterful sales techniques to enhance customer experience and drive performance growth.

Course List
  • 5 Creative and Effective Ways of Setting Up Menu Templates
  • 7 Steps for Perfecting Your Presentation Formula – Effectively Structuring Your Deals
  • Achieve Success in Your Career (Big Think+)
  • Become an Expert Negotiator (Big Think+)
  • Building Self-Confidence (Big Think+)
  • Earn Success Like A Salesperson (Big Think+)
  • Earn the Right to Have a Proper Sales Conversation (Big Think+)
  • Learn the Art of Sales (Big Think+)
  • Shift Your Approach from Positional Bargaining to Interest-Based Negotiation (Big Think+)
  • Strategies For Avoiding Escalation (Big Think+)
  • The Art of Persuasion (Big Think+)
  • The Four Levels of the Sale (Big Think+)
  • Demystifying the Credit Bureau (Part 1): History, Lenders, Equifax & TransUnion
  • Demystifying the Credit Bureau (Part 2): Accounts, Data, Scoring
  • Financial Services Office Fundamentals
  • Getting the Customer Analysis Worksheet to Sell for You
  • Mastering the Menu-Selling Technique to Secure Your Sale
  • Maximizing Profit through Piggyback Selling, Unselling, and Solution Selling
  • Menu Selling: The Engine that Fuels a Successful Sales Presentation
  • Responsible Mobility: Achieve Success with Purpose and Care
  • The Science & Practice of Resiliency

Customer-centric selling.

Transform customer experiences by learning to cultivate trust, deepen client relationships, and ultimately elevate performance by prioritizing the customer’s needs.Equip F&I managers with masterful sales techniques to enhance customer experience and drive performance growth.

Course List
  • Approach conversations with curiosity (Big Think+)
  • Create a need that your client has overlooked (Big Think+)
  • Navigate the sales conversation with soft skills (Big Think+)
  • Selling with insight (Big Think+)
  • Improving CSI: Communication skills
  • Selling with client-friendly lingo – Simplifying communication
  • Strategic listening for FSMs

Digital F&I.

Harness cutting-edge technology, optimize online transactions, and adapt seamlessly to the digital landscape to ensure relevance in an increasingly tech-driven market.

Course List
  • Supercharge your digital savviness (Big Think+)
  • Financial Services Office in a virtual world
  • The digital retailing environment
  • Tips for using visuals, videos and interactive content in digital presentations
  • Top 3 strategies for building rapport and trust in virtual interactions

Emotional intelligence (EQ).

Elevating professional efficacy by learning to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics, foster meaningful connections, and adeptly handle diverse client interactions.

Course List
  • A case study in strategic empathy from inside the CIA (Big Think+)
  • Building relationships through likability: Listen to understand (Big Think+)
  • DE&I, health and well-being (Big Think+)
  • Disagree productively (Big Think+)
  • How to hold conflict with care (Big Think+)
  • How to say “No”(and “Yes”) (Big Think+)
  • Keep yourself and your team calm under pressure (Big Think+)
  • Mastering communication (Big Think+)
  • Moving relationships forward: Clarify motives to speed up difficult conversations (Big Think+)
  • Reconciling differences: An introduction to relational intelligence (Big Think+)
  • Reconciling differences: Keep relationships clean to avoid resentment (Big Think+)
  • Separate personal from professional when hearing no (Big Think+)
  • Take stock of your emotional bank accounts (Big Think+)

Women’s corner.

Traditionally, women represent a below-average percentage of the automotive workforce. This selection of courses is designed to help attract and retain a more diverse sales team.

Course List
  • Become an expert negotiator (Big Think+)
  • Enhancing self-confidence (Big Think+)
  • The art of persuasion (Big Think+)

Frequently asked questions.

How do I enroll in online courses or upcoming workshops?

If you’re a partner, log into the HUB and click on LGM Academy for complete access to the learning platform. If you’re not a partner, please fill out the form below to request a demo.

How much does learning cost?

Learning is offered as a complimentary service as part of our partnership with dealers.

Can I see a demo of LGM Academy?

Please complete the form below to request a demo.

How often do you update your suite of courses?

We continuously evolve our course content in alignment with the ever-changing marketplace and technology.

Do you offer in-dealership learning and development?

Yes. Our highly knowledgeable training and sales teams offer in-person courses, support, and coaching opportunities. They will also evaluate learning progress, help fine-tune skillsets, and provide suggestions for beneficial coursework.

Do you offer custom programs?

Yes. Your dedicated Dealer Development Manager (DDM) can build a customized learning plan based on the needs of your dealership.

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