Meet LGM’s new Dealer Service Performance team

January 29, 2018

LGM is excited to announce the launch of our new all-star Dealer Service Performance (DSP) team. Given the current state of disruption and transformation in the automotive industry, this team will be out in the field supporting our dealer partners with LGM’s latest advancements.

Our DSP team represents the future of how LGM will do business as we continue to shift towards online claims and eventually self-authorization. By offering this additional support, more dealers will have the potential to qualify for self-authorization of claims, which means an even smoother and more efficient service experience.

Similar to our nationwide network of Dealer Development Managers (DDMs), our DSP team will personally visit dealers on a regular basis, but they will offer a new kind of support.

“It’s important for dealers’ service departments to get face-to-face time with the experts on process, market changes, parts, rates and claims profit,” says Muneet Kalkat, Dealer Development Manager. “I’m excited to see how LGM’s Dealer Service Performance team will complement our dealer relationships by focusing solely on the service department’s needs.”


The DSP team’s goal is to ensure a top-notch experience for the service department representative, which translates into a better experience for consumers. Our claims adjusters will also reap the benefits of these simplified processes – everybody wins!

“I’ve been in the business for 25 years, and I’ve never seen anyone put a support team like this in place for service departments,” says Adrian Davies, Senior Manager, Dealer Service Performance. “Much like it’s the LGM way to advocate on behalf of our customers, the mandate of the DSP team is to advocate on behalf of the service department in dealerships.”

The DSP team is excited to be at the forefront of change as LGM enters our 20th year in business and continuously strives to revolutionize the consumer ownership experience.

“I can speak for the entire team when I say that we’re excited to have a blank canvas to work with because this has never been done before,” says Francois Tremblay, Manager, Dealer Service Performance. “Especially given these changing times in the auto industry, we’ll be constantly trying new things, bringing feedback and observations inside, and revamping our current processes.”



Service representatives will gain access to the ear of our claims management team through the DSP team, as well as a direct line of support from experts who are eager to hear feedback.


Our DSP team is passionate about ensuring that improvements are made based off the feedback they receive. By listening to our customers, they will be able to identify any pain points in our process and ensure the appropriate adjustments are made.

For example, if your service representative has an issue with a function of our online claims process, our DSP representative can bring the feedback to our software development team to make any necessary changes.


Not only will the DSP team listen to identify pain points in current processes, but they will also be receptive to feedback on how to enhance our products from the service department’s perspective.


As is the case with any company offering financial protection products, we’re always looking for new ways to prevent fraudulent claims. Our DSP team will play a huge role in developing a dealer audit framework that can be managed effectively, especially in light of our upcoming online claims and self-authorization roll out. This will reduce loss ratio, making both LGM and our partners more successful and profitable.


As the original member, Adrian Davies has been working to put together an all-star team to join him out in the field. “I couldn’t ask for a better team of people,” says Adrian Davies. “We’ve brought together a group of highly talented and knowledgeable individuals who know our business and the service side of the dealer’s operations.”

Adrian DaviesSenior Manager, Dealer Service Performance

IMG_1200Adrian has been in the auto industry for over 25 years. He is a licensed automotive technician (Red Seal Certified) and both owned and operated an automotive equipment repair business for seven years. Adrian has been with LGM for more than seven years. During this time, he has completed his Chartered Insurance Professional designation and studies in Risk Management.

Adrian is most excited about how the new DSP team will be supporting the Service side of our partner dealers as he feels it is long overdue.

Adrian admits that he is a peanut M&M addict, but he has been M&M free for 17 days and is hoping to make a full recovery.

“I believe in what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, so for me to go out there and represent that is really easy.”

François Tremblay – Manager, Dealer Service Performance

Francois Tremblay1François has a management background in fields such as industrial agriculture equipment and aeronautical equipment, where he was a shop supervisor with teams of up to 120 employees. François has a diverse educational background, including auto and diesel engines, aeronautical engine repair and overhaul, petro-chemistry, and a university diploma in operation and HR management.

François considers himself a man of simple needs, as he just needs a TV and a couch to be happy. François doesn’t consider retirement an option as long as he has his good health – he loves what he does at LGM.  In his younger years, not only was François a body builder, but he also taught karate and earned his black belt.

Maxim VolfDealer Service Performance Representative, West

IMG_0223Maxim has been with LGM for over nine years. He started as a Claims Adjuster, spending six years on the front lines. Three years ago, Maxim became a Product Specialist and saw an entirely different side of the business. The combination of these two roles has set Maxim up to be a perfect fit for our DSP team, and he’s excited to get out in the field.

Before coming to LGM, Maxim spent his career in both the automotive and hospitality industry. He is passionate about networking, building relationships and providing exceptional customer service, and he is always looking to improve these skills.

Maxim is passionate about cars, and is certainly known as an adrenaline junkie. If it’s fast or dangerous, you can bet Maxim will be trying it.

Ryan Diamond – Dealer Service Performance Representative, East

DSC_0134Ryan was born and raised in beautiful Montreal, QC and has always had a passion for cars. Ryan pursued this passion through his education, leading him to work every position possible within the service department at a Volvo dealership. Ryan went from car washer to service manager over a span of 14 years, and enjoyed training and developing the younger generations to excel within their roles while providing exceptional customer service to external and internal clients.

Ryan has a Master’s degree in sarcasm, and if he didn’t end up being successful in the auto industry, he would have been a world-renowned chef. All of the foodies at LGM say Ryan makes the best burgers.