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Amid COVID-19 – we know people are taking a second look at their purchases and that there are still essential commuters using their cars daily.

With customers being our top priority, LGM is pleased to offer a “60-days delayed first payment” option on new SecureDrive No Interest Deferred Payment Plan (NIDPP) purchases starting March 25 for a limited time.

We hope this can provide financial flexibility and relief to drivers looking for peace of mind vehicle protection during this unpredictable and difficult time.

Applicable for certain SecureDrive products, NIDPP is an easy way for customers to purchase a vehicle protection contract by extending the total retail amount over the financial term, versus one upfront payment. At zero percent interest and with optional down payment, NIDPP can be a helpful financing program.

At LGM, we are committed to supporting customers and are continually looking for ways to responsibly assist you during this time. Your safety and well-being are our first and foremost concern as we all come together to protect our global community.

To the essential workers in our communities – doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, and more – who are commuting at this time: Thank you. We appreciate your hard work, dedication, and bravery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local LGM dealer development manager.

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