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By Derek Chu, Marketing and Communication Assistant (Co-op)

Krrchh—the tell-tale signs of a typical call centre: “Please hold,” elevator music, and an agent who is often difficult to understand. The sounds emitted from your handset are discordant, like a speaker hissing under water. This is the experience I’ve come to expect when I call a service support line. It can be unnerving, unfamiliar, and cold. However, when I participated in LGM’s “Voice of the Customer” training last month, I found myself feeling optimistic; support lines don’t have to be painful.

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer is a two-hour training session where new LGM employees sit with claims adjusters and learn how the service team handles customer support. I listened in on numerous conversations involving dealers, customers, and LGM claims adjusters. Every time, without fail, the interactions were concise, familiar and effective. The calls weren’t like what I had come to know of a call centre—instead, they were crystal clear, efficient and the adjusters were friendly.

D-850) Getting to know your claims adjuster
LGM claims adjuster tending to a dealer inquiry.

The Value of Authenticity

As these exchanges took place, one word came to mind: authenticity. The adjusters at LGM are authentic and personable. The stereotypical call centre agent is, in my experience, often depicted as a forgettable voice. You ask the voice a question and it gives you answers. Sure, a friendly hello is nice, but the exercise is usually business and nothing more. So why would it matter if the voice has a personality? Does authenticity really make a difference?

The claims adjuster’s primary role is to support others and to do so, they should attempt to be as approachable as possible. During my observations, I noticed that a good adjuster often has the following qualities:

  • Empathy: essential to be mentally and emotionally available when assisting the dealer
  • Reliability: consistency when handling policy and procedures
  • Integrity: be honest and straightforward because the dealer and adjuster are on the same team

As I listened in on the conversations, I noticed that a majority of the LGM adjusters knew the dealers by name. Many of the dealerships have been interacting with the same LGM adjusters for years, and over time they have established a strong bond of trust.  This type of genuine, close-knit service experience is rare and it’s what makes the LGM service team unique; they seemed to exude the necessary qualities needed to support others.

So, your LGM claims adjuster is very much human and they will try their best to help you. Therefore it is important to understand who they are and what they do. Cooperation goes a long way.

In next week’s post, I’ll go into further depth regarding who claims adjusters are and what exactly they’re doing during your call. Learning how to communicate with your adjuster will dramatically speed up the claims process. Work with them and who knows, maybe you’ll even make a friend.